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SAHER: Smart Solutions

We see ourselves as the bridge linking those in need of innovative solutions to those who can offer answers. By having intimate knowledge of the intricacies of this complex field we can ensure that the solutions that we present are progressive, cost effective and at the forefront of technological advancement.


1. Technology Scouting Service (T.S.S.)


We offer an innovative and exciting technology scouting service whereby clients share their needs (we can help you to identify these) and we work with them to identify the optimum technological solution to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.

An example of our T.S.S centres on the developing the use of SMART Airports, SMART Cities and SMART Events: In essence this involves utilising world class and innovative crowd analytics, whereby the flow of people can be monitored and managed using a bespoke software application. The technology can be applied to existing systems and has been tried and tested in all three environments. For our clients this will not only enhance security, but improve the overall management of public and private spaces, positively impacting on all areas of their commercial activity


A second illustration of T.S.S. is our currently liaison between a client and a developer responsible for implementing systems for cargo / container tracking. This new technology, which emanated from European R&D funding, is already field tested and accredited to international I.S.O. standards. The impressive results can be used to not just track containers, but help secure the supply chain against a variety of threats using embedded sensor technology. The feedback we have so far received from our client suggests that they are immediately seeing tangible benefits and are excited about the developmental possibilities. It is predicted that this collaboration will continue to be a mutually beneficial long term strategic partnership well into the foreseeable future.

2.Customer Identification Service (C.I.S.)


Have you developed a new, innovative product/service which could be used in the security and safety domain? If so we can find you likely customers for your products /services using our intimate, professional knowledge of this area. We have an ever growing base of customers actively looking to invest in new technology whose needs your organisation may be able to meet .We can save you time and money by identifying those who are most likely to purchase your products. If we don’t immediately have potential customers on our database we will work tirelessly and swiftly on your behalf, drawing from our extensive network in this sector, to identify and contact prospective customers.





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